Wouldn’t it be great if your vehicle had a concierge service? With today’s hectic lifestyle, it can sometimes be hard to keep everything straight when it comes to your Ford car, truck, or SUV. We know that you want to take the best care of your Ford vehicle as you can, and we know that you wouldn’t mind having a personal assistant when it comes to your vehicular needs. The FordPass™ app gives you all that and a whole lot more. Some of our Madison, WI customers come in and ask us about this app and what it can do for them. The team at Countryside Ford, located at 330 Transit Road in Columbus, WI, is here to provide you with all the answers you need about this handy app that can make your life so much easier.

Control and Monitor Your Vehicle from Your Smartphone

Ford realizes that many drivers are very reliant on their phones. In fact, it is probably not a stretch to say that many of us have a lot of our lives stored in them. The FordPass™ app allows you to monitor and control your phone, right from your compatible smartphone. You can find this app in Google Play or in the App Store on your phone. Driver will be able to check their fluid levels, which will help them plan when they should schedule their next car service at the Countryside Ford service center. Using the app will also allow drivers to get points toward complimentary maintenance services, as well as other rewards. Have you ever wished you could schedule your car to start at a certain time from your phone? Do you hate having to reach for your keys every time you want to remote start your car? You can do this right from the FordPass™ app. You’ll also be able to lock and unlock your door, using the app, right from your phone.

This app lets you stay in touch with your vehicle, so you can monitor its health. If you happen to need of roadside assistance while you have your Ford, you can use the app to call for it.

Get the App

If you want to know more, feel free to contact a sales consultant at Countryside Ford, in Columbus, WI. Download the FordPass™ app today and start taking advantage of all the great services it has to offer you and your Ford vehicle.

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