Countryside Ford is Your Place to Go for an Oil Change or State Inspection!

Searching for a reputable service shop around Columbus, Wisconsin to take your Ford for maintenance or repairs? Search no more, because here at the Countryside Ford Service Center, we're happy to take on all your service & maintenance tasks, including oil changes and state inspections!

The Importance of Oil Changes

Oil keeps all your engine's internal components properly lubricated for optimal performance and efficiency. In fact, without engine oil, crucial engine parts like your pistons, crankshaft, and more, would rub metal on metal, creating intense heat, friction, and engine damage. As oil gets used over time, it gets thicker and less effective, hence why Ford vehicles, like all others with internal combustion engines, require regular oil changes.

The Importance of State Inspections

Here in Wisconsin, regular emissions tests and state inspections are required by law to keep your vehicle up to code and in good working order. Here at the Countryside Ford Service Center, we have the equipment and know-how needed to properly inspect your vehicle when the time comes that it is required!

Schedule Ford Service Today

Ready to book your next service appointment with us? Whether it's for an oil change, state inspection, or other service task, like engine fault code diagnosis, or brake or battery check, we're here for you! To schedule service today, use this easy online service scheduler tool. And don't hesitate to reach out to us online or by phone with any other service-related questions you may have!

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