Get Your Car Ready for Warmer Weather with Spring Auto Care and Maintenance

Let's face it -- winter can be pretty brutal on cars. Snow, ice, freezing and thawing, bitter cold temperatures and more test a vehicle's endurance. When spring comes, it's a good idea to take stock have some basic maintenance performed. Here are a few tasks to start with.


First, check your tire air pressure. Fluctuating temperatures can mess up your tire balance, which affects vehicle performance. Then, check for leaks. Winter pot holes can do a number on tires. Last, if you use winter weather tires, swap them for summer tires for better performance.


Freezing and thawing causes road materials to expand and contract, often resulting in more pot holes throughout winter months. Come spring, have your suspension and alignment checked for damage or inconsistencies.


Road treatments like salt can damage pain. Make sure to give your vehicle a bath at the beginning of spring to knock off any residual road salt from winter.


No matter what, it's always good to have your brakes checked regularly. Have a technician inspect or repair your brakes at the end of winter to ensure safety during spring and summer.

If you're not sure where to start, or if you need a technician for repairs, come down to the service center at Countryside Ford Columbus Ford Quick Lane maintenance. Certified Ford technicians can help get your car ready for spring!

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