How To: Start Your Deal at Countryside Ford!

In most cases, everyone loves surprises. Seriously, whether it’s a surprise party with friends or surprising your family with a puppy for the holidays, there's nothing that elicits joy like a good surprise. In fact, the only place you don't want surprises is when you're making a deal for your next car. Fortunately, take advantage of the opportunity to Start Your Deal online with Countryside Ford, the only surprise you'll have with us is the excitement of learning just how much you can save at our Columbus, WI Ford dealership.


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Rather than spending hours haggling over every little detail at any other dealership here in Wisconsin, you can start your deal online with Countryside Ford, save time, and get all the information you need to get a car you love at a price you'll love even more. Here's how it works…

  1. Get a competitive estimate on your trade-in value online
  2. Use our online payment calculator to plan out your monthly payments
  3. Pre-qualify for credit right from our website
  4. If you're ready to apply, feel free to fill out our online finance application.
  5. Ready to lock it all in? Reserve your vehicle online to ensure your ideal model is ready and waiting for you at our Columbus, WI dealership

When you start your deal online, you'll see just how much easier it is to shop for a car here at Countryside Ford. So, if you're ready to find your next car, feel free to complete the steps above, and then pay us a visit at our Columbus, WI Ford dealership when you're ready to sign on the dotted line.

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