Save Big on Quality Used Vehicles Under $15,000 in Columbus

Looking for affordable used cars from brands like Chevy, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, and Nissan? At Countryside Ford, we've got the brands you trust and the value you need to make a wise purchase this season. With varying body types, styles, sizes, and colors, we're confident you can find a vehicle priced at under $15,000 suitable for your lifestyle and driving needs.

Why Buy a Used Vehicle from Countryside Ford

These days, saving money is of great worth, especially in the midst of uncertain times. Nevertheless, we at Countryside Ford wish to provide drivers around Watertown WI with some of the cheapest automotive options on the market and some of the most high-quality, stylish and innovative used cars available to you.

So, why is used car buying so attractive? Consider the following:

Appearance: If you think buying used means you'll be blushing the whole way home, you've got another thing coming. Today's used car models are sleek, attractive and can barely be distinguished from even the newest rides.

Performance: Want a powerful engine, off-roading capability or a four-wheel-drive system? Contact one of our sales representatives to get hooked up with a vehicle that can meet, and even exceed, your expectations.

Features: Whether you're looking for safety or entertainment, you've got options when it comes to our used rides. With features that include satellite radio, park assist, trailer detection, automatic braking, on-the-go Wi-Fi and more, you'll be loving what your newly purchased contemporary used car has to offer.

Cost: When it comes to price, nothing beats our bargain buys. On top of that, many motorists in Madison save big when it comes to insurance premiums, taxes and even registration fees, simply by choosing to buy used.

Does it sound like buying used might be a great decision for you? Contact us at Countryside Ford near Fond du Lac for more details, or visit us to take one of our gently used vehicles near Sun Prairie out for a test drive, today.